Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Off The Wall

As seen on Bomb.Hills.Speed.Kills

Let me start off this glorious post by letting you all in on a little secret about myself...I LOVE VANS. The new Supercorsa California Collection is no exception. These new kicks are all canvas with five available colors each representing a different ranking in the Italian cycling world. The colors include: black for last place, rose for champion, pink for the best sprinter, white for best young rider and my personal favorite GREEN for king of the mountains. For more pictures check out Hypebeast. Word on the street is that these bad boys will be hitting stores in July.

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Gerald said...

yea man i relly like vans to but i woulda picked rose as my favorite color. sweetblog tho i relly like everythin u talk about. best biker blog ive ever seen