Monday, December 27, 2010

If I Had This Kind of Dough...


Although I love riding track bikes, fixed gears, "fixies", whatever you want to call them, I feel as though some people get a bit carried away. This Affinity Lo Pro is one of these instances. Don't get me wrong I think this bike looks awesome and the amount of money put into it is mind blowing; I just don't see the practicality. What is the point of having a $1500 zipp disc, $800 trispoke, GIANT Zen chainring and a slew of other track bike goodies on a bike that will obviously never see the track. Even small climbs would be a challenge on this beast and if there is a cross wind, forget it. With the time and money spent on this bike this guy could have a nice fixed gear AND a sweet road bike. If only I had his resources.


Anonymous said...

Unless you know the 'owner/rider' it is really hard to say 'how the bike will be used'; and if it is 'built properly'.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The internet is like a porn-stars asshole, just because everyone has one - doesn't mean you want to see/hear about it.

Tinj said...

I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion. Sorry if I hurt your feelings but a 53 tooth zen chainring and a zipp disc just seem impractical for the street, which they are obviously being used for. Thanks for the comment and enjoy the ride! Cheers