Thursday, July 28, 2011

Nigel Sylvester: New Era x Animal Commercial

Although I don't know a great deal about the BMX scene, I do know that Nigel Sylvester's flow is undeniable.  Every time I see a new clip from this guy it makes me want to pick up my old bmx bike and go for a ride.  This Commercial for Sylvester's forthcoming New Era x Animal cap and seat is so well put together, I love how he is talking about the foundation that BMX was built on, the time and pain put in and then, "There is no better feeling than this..." BAM CurT@!N$ comes in with Maniac off of his Killer Tape - Tagless EP and Sylvester kills it.  If you can appreciate his buttery style I highly recommend watching his Gatorade Go All Day flicks.

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