Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Peonfx Presents: Douple P

Double P from peonfx on Vimeo.

As many of you know by now, there has been an EXPLOSION of fixed gear oriented riders, shops and independent brands popping up in Singapore and Indonesia, specifically Jakarta.  It is awesome to see how fixed gear cycling is spreading throughout the world and progressing in so many ways. Peonfx in conjunction with Cyclonesia, Sumvelo and Faz Adhili just put out this rad little clip featuring the new Pias track frame.  Lately I have been seeing more and more Pias builds on the likes of Pedalroom and Velospace and man are they looking good.  The frame is relatively inexpensive (approximately 275 US dollars for frame and fork), the welds are smooth, it's steel and the color is killer; I would love to build one of these bad boys up.  As always, great film work by Faz, it's definitely a solid watch and props to the riders.  I know from experience, riding brakeless in hilly, wet conditions can get pretty hairy.

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