Tuesday, March 27, 2012



So I first heard about these guys over on Prolly is not Probably when he visited Affinity NYC (the first photo is from Prolly; one of my favorite shots as of late) and I was blown away by their aluminum track frames oozing with carbon fiber.  After doing a little more research I discovered an array of aluminum, steel and carbon track frames, that are each beautiful in their own respect, made from the highest quality materials (Columbus Brain, Columbus Airplane 7005-T6, etc.). I couldn't find where the frames are actually manufactured but DOSNOVENTA is based out of Barcelona, Spain and was founded in 2010.  They also have a pretty rad collection of random photos on their tumblr worthy of a quick scroll.

I don't know about you guys but I would kill for that pink Houston, or any off their frames for that matter.  I need to rob a bank, or get a job.  On that note I will leave you with a bit of Balance and Composure.

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