Monday, August 22, 2011

Jean Pool

In recent months it has been no secret that Levi's has jumped headfirst into the cycling world. Between collaborations with Prolly is not Probably, the release of an entire "commuter" collection and this...amusing bicycle.  It has definitely been an interesting process to follow and I most of their additions to the community are very good ones.  Really what inspired this post is the "Go Fourth" advertising campaign seen above.  For some reason the words and actions in this commercial really stuck with me.

The new Levi's commuter pant is so rad; with a U-lock holster, WATERPROOF technology and a few other nifty features these puppies were made for everyone who rides their bike on a daily basis. They are absolutely perfect for someone (like myself) looking for a solid pair of pants made to take on the wear and tear of cycling and don't cost $188 a pair.

Back to school

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