Tuesday, September 27, 2011

P-Fix: I Would Buy One

I Would Buy One from John Prolly on Vimeo.
Spotted on Prolly Is Not Probably

Although I am not usually one for FGFS, there are definitely a few videos here and there that I can really get into.  "I Would Buy One" from John over at Prolly Is Not Probably is definitely one of those edits.  The soundtrack is GREAT (Rick Ross sucks but he makes it work and Black Sabbath well, they just rage) and there is such a perfect mix of 20", 26" and 29" wheeled bikes that its hard not to stay interested.  With a solid foundation in photography I would say his videography skills are definitely getting there (love the skid shot in the beginning).  By the way Tony Fast SHREDS.

"I don't own a P-Fix but I think it's a very good bicycle.  I would buy one if I had the money and jump into the river all the days; P-Fix by specialized" epic.

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