Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Get it Poppin'

Spotted on Fixthecity

Ever since fixed gear freestyle took over, I am constantly yearning for good old fashion tricks on a track bike.  What ever happened to gnarly track stands, unbelievable skid variations, wheelies and just riding backwards!  Don't get me wrong I think fixed gear freestyle is interesting and definitely progressing but it's just not the same.


J.mika'ele said...

agreed. i slammed my seat on my bike and even though i can do gnarly jumps on it, it doesnt have the same feeling as pulling a keo or trackstanding backwards for the first time...


Tinj said...

I could not agree more. Like I said, I think FGFS is awesome I just can't see myself ever getting into it. There are definitely benefits though, haha doing a bunny hop with my jacked up seat is nearly impossible. As long as more people are riding bikes, what they use them for is unimportant.